The Advantages Of Silicone Swim Caps

Swimming caps are inevitably found in almost every swimmer's equipment bag. For training and racing, recreational and competitive swimmers will often use swim caps to protect hair and minimize distraction.

Caps are a simple piece of equipment that can make swimmers feel more comfortable in the water and an attractive design can also help swimmers to gain more confidence knowing they look great!

Materials: It is important to find the one swim cap that fits your head comfortably and securely as you have several options. Latex, Silicone, and Lycra are the three main materials in which swimming caps are available.

The swim caps that are the most easily broken or torn are typically the least expensive materials, and some people may be allergic to some of the materials, so it is important to choose the right cap for your swimming.

Custom Silicone Swim Caps are more expensive but are quite thicker and sturdier. For non-lap swimming activities such swim caps are cloth-like and are most appropriate as they are not as secure to your head as the other kinds.

Pool Chemicals: The more human hair comes into contact with chlorine, the more damage sustained. There is no swimming cap available that will keep your hair completely dry throughout your swim, but the amount of water can be controlled by the swimming cap fit and thus how much water your hair comes into contact with. Minimizing the amount of pool water on your hair this will minimize the damaging effects of pool chemicals.

Silicone Swim Caps: Custom printed silicone swim caps with team and brand logos are extremely popular. The following are advantages of a swim cap made of silicone:

  1. Does not generate allergic reactions like latex can in some people

  2. Protects your hair well from chlorine

  3. A silicone  swim cap will typically last longer than a latex swim cap

  4. Often looks better than its latex or neoprene counterparts because its finish is shinier and it can sport several different color combinations.

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