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Swimming can be enjoyed by everyone!

How many of us go swimming more than a hand fun of times a year. As an activity swimming offers lots to a lot of people so we believe it’s time to really promote it. People with disabilities, elderly people, less sporty people, young people, pregnant women, very sporty people and so on.

There are lots of ways like Custom Printed Swim Caps which cater swimming for all age groups like through schools for kids to local council initiatives and swimming clubs.

To do many other wonderful things in life leisure swimming will give you confidence, in the less familiar environment of the water when you can feel confident, then other challenges suddenly become a lot easier.

Through swimming many sport injuries can also be improved, while providing much needed exercise the low impact nature of the sport is a great healer.

So how can we enjoy swimming so much? Well, we think when we see the Olympics that it is what swimming is all about, and yes that it an aspect of it. But swimming should be about fun for the majority of us, with friends or family if that are on your own.

To that of the usual football pitch or tennis court swimming brings people together, to a different environment. Our Custom Printed Swim Caps make swimming a more enjoyable experience for you.

Without having to resort to competition and the enviable winners and losers it’s an activity which can be enjoyed. In essence at any pace you choose for yourself you can enjoy swimming be it racing up and down, be that splashing around or floating gently on top of the water.

Without question learning to swim and gaining confidence in the water is just the tip of the iceberg for what then can be attempted. You can learn to surf once you can swim (a personal ambition of mine), sail, canoe, play water polo etc. All these are not expensive and are of great past times.

Up to FIVE COLOR printing and many standard colors available for each style cap.
We can also match your team or event CUSTOM PANTONE® COLORS. All caps can also be purchased BLANK.



Ordering is easy for your teams & events


These are great for special events and teams. With our fast delivery times we can help you have caps in time for your event.

*Minimum of two caps per each name ordered. Excel files please.



If your artwork is not quite right, don’t stress! Our designer team has the skills to fix or create new files* for you.

*Custom design fees may apply